"Success for each student everyday"

West Valley Junior High
7505 Zier Road
Yakima, WA 98908
Fax (509) 972-5801

Welcome to the WVJH Library


The mission of the WVJH Library and library staff, is to provide a setting which lifelong learning is encouraged through the offering of a broad range of current materials that complements and enhances the curriculum. For students and staff the atmosphere of this library will not only provide the latest in technological opportunities but will also instill the love of literature and learning.

Library Staff:
In 1992, Mrs. Staley became the West Valley Junior High Librarian. According to Mrs. Staley, the library is the best place in the school!!! In 2007 Mrs. Rowe joined the WVJH Library.

Circulation Policies:
Most fiction and non-fiction materials may be checked out for 21 school days. Magazines may be checked out for three days. Reference materials may be checked out overnight. Some library materials may not be checked out, if a teacher has scheduled a class in the library for several days. Students are encouraged to use the library before or after school to have extra research time. At the end of the school year, their annual will be held, if they have purchased one. Please help your student return their library materials in a timely manner.

Plagiarism Policy
When a student is caught committing plagiarism, these are the consequences:

  1. Student receives a "0" on the project, activity, or assessment.
  2. Student cannot make up or compensate for the failing grade
  3. Penalty is administered to both students involved with cheating/plagiarism.

How can you support the WVJH Library?
Volunteers are always welcome in the library. Please call Mrs. Staley at 972-5899.
Donations of magazines and books that are appropriate for our students and curriculum are appreciated. It is helpful to have multiple copies of the various news magazines, Sports Illustrated, and popular teen magazines. If you subscribe to People or any other magazines we may find helpful, please remember the library.